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Budzo 2014 ROM Winner

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2014 ROM Winner
2010 Site Supporter
2011 Site Supporter
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Milwaukee, WI
Chrome wheels with 8.5" rear
Low and Mean custom front fender
Cannella Customs kickstand
Stratoliner S Master Cylinders/Levers
Stainless steel lines and cables
Progressive front fork springs
Progressive 465 Rear w/remote 1" low
Custom LED Taillight
Polished rear brake rotor
Chrome rear brake caliper/bracket
Chrome swingarm
240 rear tire
Cobra Power Pro
Barons BAK
Freedom Performance 2-1
Supreme Legends Forward Controls
Avon grips
Fork wrap around LED turn signals
Full set Bomber engine covers
Spike air filter
Barnett plate and clutch  upgrade
Custom undertank coil mount plate
ISC/IAC removal
Mini beast air horn mounted in left side coil location
Double 'T' drag bar install
Ported Rear Manifold
Barons Tachometer
Custom bar mounted Oil Pressure Gauge
Chrome Roadliner pulley
Puke Can
Pro-One Mirrors
Shorai Lithium Ion Battery
Fuzeblock accessory fuse panel
Victory Headlight
Kuryakyn Swingarm Cover
Yamaha Warrior fender eliminator (modified)
Chrome belt guards
Flamed shift linkage
Corbin Hollywood Solo
Mustang Passenger Seat and Yami Backrest
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Nov 26, 2014, 12:38:25 AM
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