Author Topic: Is there a clutch disc remove/replace how to  (Read 563 times)


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Re: Is there a clutch disc remove/replace how to
« Reply #15 on: Apr 15, 2017, 05:45:25 PM »
Hey this is good I may even be able to change it out. ;D Think the last one I did was my YZ250 about 40 years ago. I have a 14 so does mine have the slipper clutch and what differences? Feel like my clutch is starting to slip with less than 7000 miles but I am rough on the clutch when speed shifting not cracking the throttle and just banging the clutch.

"Not cracking the throttle" do you mean not backing off the throttle when shifting bro ?

I don't know if the '14 has a slipper clutch but it works when you downshift/engine brake by keeping the rear wheel from locking up if you are at a high RPM so it will have nothing to do with any slippage you might feel when up shifting.  There could be a difference in the clutch and metal plates and the hub is different on slippers but if you have one, the parts available will be specific to your set up and assembly should be straightforward.

 14's have a slipper clutch but my guess is the steels and fibers are the same, just different hub/basket set-up vs diaphragm

I just checked  the parts list for a '14 clutch VS a '08. That last steel and fiber way in the back are the same,but the others are different.
Thanks Marc and all. Just wanted to make sure I am with you on this. You are speaking of the Barnett conversion package is where all the steels and fibers are different except  the last two correct?  In other words I get the Barnett conversion but it's installed the same way as done at the beginning of this thread?
I am not totally sure mine is slipping and I tried to put a video on with me going from 0-130 so you could hear my shifts but it was too large and wouldn't let me. On a blast like that like I said going to 2nd and 3rd I don't crack the throttle and just bang the clutch then 4th and 5th I just crack the throttle enough to shift without using clutch at all. It's not revving way up or anything like that it just seems like it's taking too long shifting these two lower gears when I am banging the clutch as fast as possible. It may be that I am not use to the Raider and the torque with a slipper clutch and I am not feeling like shifting on a stock CBR and VMAX??? Just feel like the clutch is engaging for a little too long but maybe that's the way it is on the Raider.  Thoughts???
Yeah Dave, by not cracking the throttle I mean it's full on. Right wrist as hard as it'll go and I just hit the clutch fast enough to make sure it hits 2nd then 3rd. How I use to do it on the strip with stock bikes. Like I said it doesn't over rev, just seem like a split second of lag time. Almost like the clutch is not disengaging quick enough. Thanks man!
mite be a issue with your salve cylinder ... and mite be worth bleeding the system and making sure no air is in it !
Funny man that crossed my mind, thx for reiterating that bro. Will give her a good bleed when we get back from Tulsa and maybe that will be the ticket ;D


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