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Author Topic: Dyno good & bad  (Read 2057 times)


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Re: Dyno good & bad
« Reply #15 on: Nov 10, 2012, 12:11:53 PM »
RuneRaider, as far as I know it was all done in 4th, which I thought was a common way to do it. My hp kept building to the redline and the torque went up and almost flatlined from the very start till the redline too. The only real wiggle is on the initial launch when looking at the AF ratio. The consistent linear values are what I like the most even tho the numbers could be a bit better. I wil say that itís still good enough that GOSTR8r has been a local bully to many unsuspecting challengers and overconfident Harwee riders, including a couple patch wearing Outlaws.  8) :raider: No regrets at all! I love my fast bagger! ;D
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Re: Dyno good & bad
« Reply #16 on: Nov 10, 2012, 04:48:46 PM »
To the OP, yeah she's a bit lean there. Cobra or a good tune might round off that peak and bring you 120.

Clean run there Ray. I do wonder what the rpm's equal but can get a good guess. Was that in 4th or 5th gear? Great numbers either way and the benchmark I'm shooting for...if I get there.

08pwraider, what's the specs you're running on this? It looks like you're running Nos to get those high peaks and then it drops off. I'll probably need to mod this part but is this on a Raider or Victory. I'll go look now but for some reason I'm thinkin' you have a Victory. Also good numbers and I'm just curious. Bench racing from far away.  :)

Ok, I wasn't too far off but you may have sold the XC by now. I can see why the hp and tq are up there with the 120 kit. Cool beans. I'm still curious about the peaks and not sure if it's a dyno issue or spray.  8)
These runs were done directly after installing cams and this tune was done by a Harley guy who's never seen a raider and had no idea what he was dealing with. Since then I have installed paladins map, I'm curious to see what the dyno run looks like now.
 Yes the vic XC has sold and our jackpot puts out about 120tq and 98 hp with just the intake and exhaust mod.
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Re: Dyno good & bad
« Reply #17 on: Nov 11, 2012, 01:09:31 PM »
Coolness, thanks for letting me know.