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Has anyone tried Carlini super sweep bars and do you need cables?

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I'm thinking of purchasing the Carlini super sweep bars as they have more pullback than any other drag bars that I've found.   I need as much pull back as I can get, leaning forward kills my back.  And I'm only 5'8" with short arms, it sucks being a midget sometimes.  Once anyone gets them installed let me know what you think.  I read on that the 9" pullback drag bars were more comfortable than the stock handlebars and you could sit up an extra 2" of pullback should be even better. 

there is plenty of wire

 I'm really curious about the Burly bars, because they dont have a raider bar listed on their website, only the roadstar which is a narrower bolt pattern.

LA Chopper 150 radius that what you want I have them on my Raider, I love them changed the whole look of the bike

I ended up going with the 9" pullback burly bars with +4 cables.  I love them.  I would have only needed the +2 cables though.  Plenty of pullback now, made a huge comfort improvement.  Didn't have to extend the wires.


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