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Wasting my time.  I have to first ban their IP address and user name and then delete the account.  Sometimes I will get 4-5 per day that you guys never even see.

Thanks for doing it.
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User banned
Technical Discussion / Re: Strange Noise please help!!!
« Last post by Mikeyancer007 on Jul 22, 2021, 01:19:27 am »
Yea i read through that. It doesnt seem to cover what im hearing. On friday im gonna mount a gopro by the left side of the motor and see if i can get the sound from there.
Mods and Accessories / Speedo reset instructions?
« Last post by Raiderftw on Jul 21, 2021, 07:42:37 pm »
I changed the face on my speedometer and the best I can get is 10mph too low after a few tries. Is there a correct procedure to get it to be synched to the right speed?
General Raider Discussion / Re: Bike stops every 60 miles
« Last post by Dirtiegirtie on Jul 20, 2021, 07:48:04 am »
My guesses in ascending order of difficulty/complexity:
1. Vac hose clogged. When the bike stops, open the fuel cap and listen for a hiss indicating the tank is under vaccum.
2. A quick-connect is not fully seated. I know it was a common issue on my Warrior, so I'm assuming the Raider uses the same fuel hose quick-connects.
3. Fuel filter is clogged.
4. Fuel pump housing is cracked.

If all that is fine then I would look to ignition coils. I had a nighthawk that ran great but once the bike was really warm it would stuttor and almost stall. Turned out one of two coils were bad, but only when hot. I rebuilt the carbs twice and sync'ed them many times trying to solve that damn issue before switching my attention to the ignition.
Does a Goldwing have suspension that can take that kind of abuse?
absolutely not. and also apparently yes.
Does a Goldwing have suspension that can take that kind of abuse?
Now that's some funny shit
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