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Paging SWomack
« on: Jan 05, 2009, 08:31:52 pm »
Was just admiring the pics of your Raider......wondering if you would happen to know the P/N's for the grips, brake and shifter pedal covers, and front/rear pegs by chance. I hate to ask, but I'd rather get the info from someone who actually has them on their bike, vs. shooting in the dark.

Not trying to be a copycat, but I've been admiring the pegs for a while, and the combination just kinda "works" for me.....

Also, did the PCS slam kit lower the bike the full 3" or have you backed off the spring as well?  How hard was the install?  I'm a big guy (250 lbs) and the ol' lady is heavier set as well.....would like to go lower than stock on mine, but not quite THAT low..maybe 1.5-2".  Was thinking of going with the different trailing arms, but everyone seems to think the progressive spring is the route to take....your thoughts.  Did you do any adjusting on the front end to counter the lowering of the rear? 210 or 240 rear?

Sorry for all the Q's, but many things on your Raven now are where I'd like to go on mine......

Any thoughts on changing the front fender out?  I like the Reaper, except I wish it was a bit taller in the rear and perhaps had a bit more length in front of the forks...........

I really appreciate the info.....ride safe!


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    Re: Paging SWomack
    « Reply #1 on: Jan 05, 2009, 11:01:20 pm »
    Hello Renegade
    I ordered my pegs and grips directly from Kuryakyn. If you really want great parts and great service then you will like this company.  They have great customer service when you call and order directly.  There number is 714 247-2184 and when you call them all you need to do is tell them you have a Raider and you want their ISO grips with their Stiletto caps.  As far as the pegs just tell them you want their Stiletto pegs and their Stiletto stirrups.  They are on a computer that tells them that with the Raider you will need part number --------.  Make sure you also order their footpeg adapters for the front and back on your Raider.  Once again if you order directly from Kurtakyn, you won't need all of the part numbers.  As far as lowering your bike with your and your ladies weight, order the PCS progressive spring only first.  I agree with whoever told you to try that first.  It will lower you bike 1" and you can adjust the sag to your liking.  I am running the 240mm Metz and love it.  I also just purchased my new front fender and it is getting painted right now & can't wait to get it on my bike. I purchased my bike last June and have put 15,600 miles on it so far and all I can say is she is a beast.  I hope that helped and let me know if you need anything else.
    SoCal Raider Rider

    P.S.   Go to YouTube and do a search and enter SoCal Raider Ride.  Our Socal Raider group have posted 3 videos that show our bikes.  In the first Rockstore vid I am leading the group.  Check out what my Raider looks like slammed and see if that is the look that you are looking for.
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