Author Topic: Some info from my experience with Uship  (Read 334 times)


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Some info from my experience with Uship
« on: Mar 09, 2021, 11:47:39 am »
I would give my experience with a 9/10 and the only reason why it was not a 10/10 is because the site didn't explain there are 2 main ways to set up your asking for a price to get a motorcycle shipped. I used the "auction" option that you put your info up and it is posted on the shippers "board", I guess the shippers check the site or get an alert/email to let them know there is an new shipment offer to them. The shipment auction is active for 3-5 days if I remember correctly. If a shipper offers a price you can except or turn it down. Once a shipper puts in a bid you can search their name on the site and see their other customer feed back, and communicate to them through the site. If the auction time expires you have to set up another auction. I would recommend NOT using the auction option I would recommend using the buy now option. You set the price and perimeters, (like enclosed trailer, how many days it can take from pick up to delivery) I would say from 500 miles or less I would put the price at $400 in an enclosed trailer and set it to pick to delivery at about 3-5 days allowing the shippers to put more shipments on your delivery to make it easier for them making it easier for you to get a shipper. If you are shipping 750-1200 miles I would say set the price at $500 same trailer same days allowance. You can buy an extra $15K insurance from the site for around $50 if I remember correct so if the delivery gets totaled in route to you, you know you have enough to cover it.

1) Buy from a dealership and ask them about shipping to your local dealership, most will do that for $500 or free
2) If you can't do #1 use and set price, days allowed from pick up to delivery, in an enclosed trailer, with $15K insurance
3) Uhaul cost a LOT more and can take 30 days I think so you can check them too.


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    Re: Some info from my experience with Uship
    « Reply #1 on: Mar 15, 2021, 07:41:51 pm »
    Thanks for the info.  I've seen great deals on bikes too far away and have considered using a service like this.  I've purchased my last two motorcycles used and both were quite a ways away.  One of them was two and a half hours drive away and I took a train down there bought it and drove it back home.  The other was two hours drive and a friend drove me there, I bought the bike and drove it home. 

    I noticed more dealers are offering to your door shipping services, and if you're not willing to do what I did, this is at least an option.

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