Author Topic: Error 37 ISC Issue  (Read 82 times)


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Error 37 ISC Issue
« on: Apr 05, 2021, 07:07:15 pm »
Hello All,

So got a check engine light today with an error code 37 stuck isc I believe on my way home from work I was sitting a light waiting for someone weighing a bit more to help me trip the traffics senor in the road. damn light kept skipping me. I probably sat for about 4 mins engine running as I accelerated of least I be cought by the light again, the CE light comes on. It did sound like it was idling a little high and as I was only a mile from home proceeded that way. About a half mile in light goes off and I get it to the garage shut it down give it a few mins starts up fine and idles fine. this happened to me once before a few months back( same light goes out on its own) and has been running fine since. looking through the manual at the fixes and I wanted to ask.

1) Should I replace the ISC or is it just a stupid thing happens occasionally?
2) Should I avoided riding until its fixed any risk of damage if the light comes on again?(the throttle idle didn't sound much higher than normal certainly less than I roll on it "catching up" to everyone else.)

The beast is a 2014 SCL with Ivans tune and air kit and cobra swept exhaust if that helps.



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