Author Topic: For those who already have exhausts, be thankful.  (Read 2971 times)


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Re: For those who already have exhausts, be thankful.
« Reply #30 on: Aug 22, 2021, 08:04:10 pm »

You sold your Raider to a crazy nut who wants the OEM exhaust? How could you?

Honestly, it was a tough decision. Ultimately it just came down to space

My journey over the last 3 weeks... I didn't intend for this chain of events, but it happened. I was looking at getting a first gen VMAX. I always wanted one. And when I started looking into it... again... I really concentrated on the handling and brakes. You see, I had redone an '83 Nighthawk about 2 years ago because it was a bike from my past... but after I finished and rode her a few times I quickly realized that my memory from 25 years prior did not jive with reality; the bike was quick and handled great for its day... but today? Not exactly the way I remembered it. I was afraid the same thing would happen with the VMAX. After a bunch of research and learning more about "the death wobble" as they call it for the VMAX, I decided I just didn't want to step back to a bike with 1985 technology, even though she's fast as f*$k! I know myself... as much as I would like to die with a grin on my face, I don't want it to happen anytime soon. :)

So after deciding I was not going to get a VMAX I found myself looking at two bikes that are fast, comfortable, and have ABS and other safety features; the FJR and the Concours. As it turned out someone posted a 2011 Concours only an hour away at an awesome price, so I jumped on it and rode her home on Sunday.

Then, after putting her in the garage with the other two bikes I quickly remembered why I only have two bikes... it's a tight squeeze.

So, it came down to either the Raider or the Guzzi, and the Raider would fetch a lot more money. So I posted it a few days ago.

As it turns out I sold the bike for $100 MORE than I bought it for 2.5 years ago. When I look at the money I spent on tins and such, minus what I've recouped by selling a few items (like the gas tank), I probably ended up down about $500 for the bike (assuming I can sell my unicorn for $500). $500 to rent a Raider for 2.5 years is one hell of a return!!!

Bottom line: I'm moving on to the concours for my speed thrills. 0-60 is 2.9s, 1/4 mile is mid 10's. And it has PLENTY of storage space. Does it have the visual appeal of my Raider? No. But I think I'm ok with that. (For now)
Was kind of in the same boat since I had an 85 Vmax. When I started looking at the Gen 2's it was all over, so now I have a 2016 Vmax sitting beside the Raider but neither going anywhere anytime soon. To boot they are both Galaxy Blue, 14 Raider and 16 Vmax and love em both. Also in the same boat in wanting to snatch those V&H as my front shield broke in half so I'll have to watch for the post on them also.  ;D

Those VMAX or such bad ass bikes.  However, the new Triumph Rocket 3 GT would prob be in my stable before a VMAX now. 


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