Author Topic: Neutral switch issue  (Read 15669 times)

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Re: Neutral switch issue
« Reply #15 on: Apr 08, 2012, 08:43:52 am »
Wow!  This thread is a keeper.

Yeah John...why I went back and dug it up.  Will save folks alot of headaches one day!

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    Re: Neutral switch issue
    « Reply #16 on: Jul 02, 2012, 12:26:49 pm »
    Another thing to watch out for on this is that both switch wires come out of the left side of the handlebar and are exactly the same in appearance.  I know because I inadvertently switched them when I changed out the bars and have the same issue as described here.  Yep, I'm a dork at times - just didn't notice they were exactly the same until it came time to reconnect and was impossible at that time to tell which was which.  BTW, same issue on right handlebar with the same colored wires - that was handbrake switch and something else I can't remember now.  Be careful when doing handlebar swap.   O8O